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Ecstatic Bodywork
Private sessions available In Santa Rosa, CA

Drawing from a “pleasure chest” of tools, Ecstatic Bodywork is a unique therapy that is custom designed for your individuals needs.

Ecstatic Bodywork is a sensory awakening experience that supports your sexual healing and will expand your capacity for ecstacy. It also allows you to feel the universe supporting you in a new and powerful way.

Transformation with sensuality, love, and compassion is what you will appreciate about your journey with Liz. She is an ecstatic goddess with a passionate interest in creating a sacred environment for your transformational therapy.

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For more information, and/or to book a session, contact Liz Baughman:
(Phone) 707.583.9325 ~ Email: Liz@ecstaticwellness.com


Ecstatic Bodywork


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