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Liz & GaryEcstatic Wellness Institute Nutrition Program:
Towards Optimum Health, Transformation & High Level Wellness

Ecstatic Wellness Institute is proud to offer a revolutionary nutrition testing and individualized nutrition program.

"NBC TV NEWS reported this was 'the nutrition of the future.' ... and I agree”
- Liz Baughman, Ecstatic Wellness Institute Founder

Here’s the scoop…

It is critical to your health to have the right combination of the 33 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids daily.

Did you know that your body does not create these nutrients? We must ingest them. No matter how hard we try, our food does not always provide what we need, even if you live on organic foods or live by the balanced alkaline approach to diet.

The bottom line is….

We are all uniquely different from one another. Our insides are as unique and different as our outer appearance. Our bio-chemical nutrient needs differ. No one-size fits all. Not all nutrients are good for all people!

So now what?….

Well, my quest for one supplement that will give my body the proper nutrients, namely my cells, brought me to this amazing discovery!…

As any of you who know me, or have heard one of my lectures, you know that I am keen to promote the importance of inner vitality, particularly to give our cellular life a fighting chance against all those free radicals and lets face it, cancer.

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I was led to a team of scientists, doctors, and nutritionists that have developed a testing procedure and a completely individualized supplement program that costs less than a night out on the town – all due to “reverse engineering’ and a complex computerized calculation of data.  No doctor’s office, no blood or urine samples, and no appointments!  (Saving me hundreds of dollars!)

But with this program, not only do you get the test results back but you also get an insightful 16-20 page nutrition and lifestyle report And what I loved the most was an actual food list and shopping guide just for me!  This was a magic key that ended my search!  I knew I had to partner with them.  I wanted to bring their incredible product Ecstatic Wellness Institute and share it with everyone who is serious about taking control of their own health.

Imagine! A company that makes your supplements for you!

And I’ll share something else with you. I’ve reached that age in life where changes in my chemistry are happening, you guessed it, menopause – hot flashes, night sweats and loss of sleep. After just 1 month on the program, I noticed huge difference and by the 2nd month all of these menopausal symptoms had seized.I felt more grounded than I had in years, I had more energy, my eyes and skin were clearer and I was looking more youthful to the point that others were noticing…now you have to like that!!!

What else I love about this company is that they allow you to go back and re-take your test in 6-months…for free! They want to make sure you stay on track with the right mix of nutrients. The founder, Gary Sandman like many of us, is dedicated to healing the planet, one soul at a time. If you would like to speak with Gary Sandman personally, he avails himself to anyone who would like to know more about this research.

So, welcome to Ecstatic Wellness, and I do hope you register and “get with this program.” After taking the test, your supplements will be shipped out to you within 72 hours of taking the test.  

My recommendation is to order the entire program once you have received your test results...

  • You’ll receive a 2 to 3 month supply of your own customized nutritional supplements
  • Individualized color food chart guidelines and shopping list
  • Free follow up testing in 6 months

And 100 percent guarantee!!  You really have nothing to lose!
You have to love the results or send it back for a full 100 percent refund because we really believe in this program.

Wishing you and yours good health, vitality and happiness!

Elizabeth Baughman
Ecstatic Wellness Institute Founder

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