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Tantra/Intimacy Coaching for Couples & Individuals
Coaching sessions available In Santa Rosa, CA or via phone

Tantra is the practice of awakening to our essential nature and recognizing that we are enlightened beings. The word "tantra" has several meanings, to weave, tools for expansion, and transformation.

Tantra & Intimacy Coaching for Couples
Couples can open up in a very safe and sacred environment allowing you to deepen your connection with your partner. Each session is customized for the couple to meet your needs and unfold in a container of respect, compassion, and safety.

In these coaching sessions, you will learn how to communicate your desires and create your dreams as you transform together.

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About Liz Baughman
Liz is a Tantric Energy Healer and Teacher. She has a “pleasure chest” of tools that will give you an experience you will never forget.

Liz uses breath, sound, and movement to explore the energetic openings essential to accessing the expanded energy body. Her work allows you to become conscious and aware of your full potential as an ecstatic being. She is passionate about awakening your ability to move your orgasmic energy throughout your whole body. She teaches you to listen to your body and live in a vital and ecstatic way.

Liz has created a unique 3 hour mind, body, spirit process called the "Soul Journey" – a sensory awakening experience that supports your sexual healing and will expand your capacity for ecstasy. Taking a Soul Journey will allow you to feel the universe supporting you in a new and powerful way.

Soul Journeys are one of the many pleasure-filled adventures Liz can guide you in. Others include sensual/ecstatic massage, ecstatic sound healing, full-body acupressure, raindrop therapy, and cranialsacral treatments.

Liz customizes each session to your specific needs and desires. Transformation with sensuality, love and compassion is what you will appreciate about your journey with Liz. She is an ecstatic goddess with a passionate interest in creating a sacred environment for your transformational journey.

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For more information, and/or to book a session, contact Liz Baughman:
(Phone) 707.583.9325 ~ Email: Liz@ecstaticwellness.com

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Tantra Coaching for Couples & Individuals


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