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Ecstatic Wellness Coaching
Coaching sessions available In Santa Rosa, CA or via phone

Ecstatic Wellness sessions are for the individual(s) wanting to open to their full potential, but are feeling restricted by the drudgeries of everyday life. These sessions are personalized to meet you where you are now, and to grow from there to get you where you want to be... while doing so in a safe, sacred container.

Each Ecstatic Wellness session is customized with your individual goals in mind, and the focus can include breath, sound, movement, health, wellness, nutrition, and/or detoxification.

About Liz Baughman
Ecstatic Wellness Coaching Sessions are facilitated by Liz Baughman founder of Ecstatic Wellness Institute. She is a tantra teacher and coach, having trained with Margot Anand in her year-long SkyDancing Tantra Facilitators Training, as well as with Steve & Lokita Carter with The Institute for Ecstatic Living.

Liz is known for her vitality, sensuality and ‘juice’ which is contagious and you will be sure to catch as you work with her. She is passionate about her work and believes that, as we detoxify our bodies of the physical blockages, we are opening pathways that have been blocked – opening us to our sexuality and allowing transformation of mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, helps you explore your expansive capacity for ecstasy, by weaving the Divine into every aspect of your life, and move from the mundane to the mystical.

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For more information, and/or to book a session, contact Liz Baughman:
(Phone) 707.583.9325 ~ Email: Liz@ecstaticwellness.com

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Ecstatic Wellness Coaching


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